TaxBit’s cryptocurrency tax software was developed by industry leading blockchain CPA’s and cryptocurrency tax attorneys. TaxBit allows you to easily connect over one hundred cryptocurrency exchanges to your TaxBit account, run your transactions through the U.S. tax code, manage your portfolio with the most advanced crypto portfolio tracking analytics, produce a full audit trail showing exactly how gains/losses are calculated, claim the capital loss deduction, and produce your IRS 8949 cryptocurrency tax forms.

CPA/Tax Attorney Designed Tax Engine

Behind TaxBit’s user interface is a sophisticated cryptocurrency tax engine that was designed by leading Blockchain CPA’s and cryptocurrency tax attorneys. TaxBit’s crypto tax software supports over 4,200 cryptocurrencies, equities, commodities, and all fiat currencies. Your data will automatically pull in and run through TaxBit’s tax engine after you connect your exchanges. TaxBit’s crypto tax software is designed to handle millions of transactions, while also ensuring the greatest accuracy down to the smallest detail. We take care of all the crypto tax complexities so that you can continue trading without worrying about proper tax reporting.

Portfolio Analytic Tools

TaxBit allows you to track your cryptocurrency portfolio throughout the year. Rather than only producing a tax form at the end of the year, TaxBit displays your real-time portfolio metrics as you trade. See your real-time cryptocurrency tax figures throughout the year, view your historical performance, prioritize trades based on harvesting tax losses, and aggregate your exchanges and wallets into one source.

Full Cryptocurrency Tax Audit Trail

TaxBit takes pride in being the only cryptocurrency tax software that was founded by blockchain CPA’s and cryptocurrency tax attorneys. As such, TaxBit has the most advanced cryptocurrency audit trail on the market. You, your CPA, or an IRS investigator in the event of an audit can drill-down into any transaction and see exactly how your cost-basis and subsequent gains/losses were calculated.

Personalized Tax Rates

Knowing your total capital gain/loss position as you trade isn’t all that you want to know. TaxBit goes one step further and displays how your total capital gains/losses translate into how much you owe in taxes or are entitled to in the form of a tax refund. Using demographic information, TaxBit calculates your individual tax rates, both federal and each state, and applies your tax rates to each of your gains or losses so that you can see an estimate of your total tax liability or refund.

Capital Loss Deduction and Carryforward Tracking

TaxBit not only helps you increase your tax refund in years when you have net taxable losses, but also makes sure you use any excess losses in subsequent years. The IRS allows you to deduct up to $3,000 a year in capital losses. Additionally, any losses in excess of $3,000 can be carried forward into future tax years in order to offset capital gains or increase your tax refund. Too many times excess carryforward losses go unused because users lose visibility and don’t have the proper tools to track them. TaxBit makes sure that all of your loss carryforwards are properly tracked and claimed so that you never pay a penny more than you actually owe in taxes.

One-Click IRS 8949 Cryptocurrency Tax Forms

TaxBit allows you to download your IRS 8949 cryptocurrency tax forms from within your account. Completing your cryptocurrency taxes is as simple as connecting your exchanges and then downloading your complete IRS 8949 cryptocurrency tax forms. TaxBit’s Plus and Pro plans allow you access to all previous year tax forms (going back to 2014) if you need to amend prior years to include your cryptocurrency transactions. Your complete cryptocurrency tax forms can be downloaded in PDF format, ready to then be sent to your CPA, or downloaded in formats supported by popular tax filing software such as TurboTax, TaxAct, H&R Block, or TaxSlayer.

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